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Rattlesnake Cable
Flex Patch 15cm LL@1,667
Flex Patch 25cm LL@1,667
Speaker Cable Copper 90cm@7,000
Standard Dirty Tweed 3m SS@7,685
Standard Dirty Tweed 3m SL@7,685
Standard Dirty Tweed 6m SS@9,074
Standard Dirty Tweed 6m SL@9,074
Lava Cable
Blue Demon 3m-SS@3,600
Blue Demon 3m-SL@3,600
Blue Demon 6m-SS@5,300
Blue Demon 6m-SL@5,300
Clear Conect II 3m-SS@5,000
Clear Conect II 3m-SL@5,000
Clear Conect II 6m-SS@7,000
Clear Conect II 6m-SL@7,000
Clear Conect 6m-SS@6,200
Clear Conect 6m-SL@6,200
DC Plug Solder-Free Kit Red@8,800
DC Plug Solder-Free Kit White@8,800
Mini Soar Patch Cable@1,800
Piston Solder-Free Pedal Board Kit@8,000
Retro Coil Black 6m-SS@8,000
Retro Coil Metallic Green 6m-SL@8,000
Retro Coil Orange 6m-SL@8,000
Soar 3m-SS@8,000
Ultramafic 3m-SS@9,000
Ultramafic 6m-SS@13,400
Van Den Hul The Integration Hybrid Lava 3m-SS@23,000
Van Den Hul The Integration Hybrid Lava 3m-SL@23,000
TightRope Solder-Free Pedal Board Kit@6,500

*Cable Center
- Mini ELC@700/m
- Right Angle Plug@800
- Straight Plug@700
- Stripping Tool 700

Silverwire 3m Black/Green@8,800
Silverwire 5m Black/Green@12,800
Xotic Cables
XGC-1 Double Pack
XGC-1 Scott Henderson Signature Guitar Cable@
XGC-1 Series